Cure Genetics Ranked among 2020 China’s Top 80 Healthcare Innovation Enterprises


 On October 17, Cure Genetics was listed among the VentureBond 2020 China's Top 80 Healthcare Innovation Companies.


With the implementation of the registration system of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the opening of the exit channel in the secondary market, there is a significant capital investment into the medical and health startups. Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, the financing fever in the field of healthcare has topped a number of investment list, and the intensive ringing of IPO bells pushed the investment in healthcare sector to a fever pitch. Meanwhile, emerging as an important strategic industry, biotech sector is also becoming a powerful driving force for China's economic growth. With the introduction of a series of major policies, the medical and healthcare industry is ushering in important development opportunities. Benefiting from policy incentives, capital and technologies support, the number of domestic innovative R&D companies have been steadily increasing, especially in the field of biologics, including gene and cell therapy.


Based on this, in July this year, VentureBond launched the "2020 China Healthcare Innovation Enterprises" list. After more than 3 months of research and evaluation, a total of 80 healthcare enterprises were selected, becoming the benchmark of innovative enterprises in the industry this year. These companies cover biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, science & technology, medical services and pharmaceutical outsourcing and other sub-sectors, building a vibrant medical and healthcare industry ecology. Years of deep cultivation in core technologies have enabled these companies to build up their strengths and stand out in this selection.