Cell Therapy Platform

AIMS CAR-NKT platform is built upon invariant natural killer T cell (NKT), which is a population of innate-like T cells expressing an invariant Vα24-Jα18 TCR α-chain. Instead of recognizing peptide antigens presented by conventional MHC molecules, the TCR of NKT cells recognize glycolipid antigens presented by a non-polymorphic MHC-I-like molecule, CD1d.

Multiple mechanisms to attack tumor cells: CAR for tumor antigen, invariant TCR for CD1d+ tumor cell and tumor-associate macrophage (TAM), NK receptors for NK ligands on tumor, CD16 for potential ADCC in combination with antibody therapy.

Technical advantages
Adaptive and Innate Immunity
Modulation of Suppressive TME
Stemness and Stealth
Differentiated Strategy in AAV Directed Evolution VELPTM(Vector Engineering and Library Production)

VELPTM uses natural AAV vector to increase the transduction activity and decrease the cross packaging, recovers nuclear circular episomal DNAs to maximize the data which correlated with protein expression.

Reciprocal guidance and support for efficient evolution of AAV Engineering and Disease POC as well as fast translation

Technical advantages
High Throughput & High Quality Library
peptide insertion and DNA shuffling
Novel Enrichment & Biospanning strategy
cell-specific library by cell/nuclei sorting
Reliable Data Recovery and Validation
nuclear circular episomal DNA and mRNA