Genevide, an incubation project of Cure Genetics, completed an angel round financing of RMB 50 million


Recently, Genevide, an independent incubation company from Cure Genetics’s former molecular diagnostics business, announced the completion of a RMB 50 million angel round of financing led by Bioventure, co-invested by Qiming Ventures. Dr. Qiushi Li, former co-founder and COO of Cure Genetics, is named the co-founder and CEO of Genevide. “Genevide has built an Enzymes-mediated Duplex Exponential Amplification (EmDEATM) nPOCT technology platform with independent intellectual property portfolio using an innovative molecular enzyme cycle screening system based on enzyme characterization methods. We have built 4000m2 R&D, enzyme raw material manufacturing and IVD GMP manufacturing center in order to quickly promote the registration filings of our core products. “ Dr. Qiushi Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Genevide said.


"We are grateful to our investors and Cure Genetics for their strong support of Genevide. Genevide will continue to strengthen the technical advantages of its innovative molecular enzyme cycling screening platform and accelerate the development of nPOCT products that will truly meet our customers’ research needs and can be widely deployed in downstream scenarios as soon as possible in order to achieve "early triage" and "timely response" for efficient research development,” Dr. Yuanyuan Xu, Chairman of Cure Genetics, said, "This split and reorganization is a milestone of great significance for both Genevide and Cure Genetics. The establishment of Genevide will facilitate R&D efficiency of high-caliber nucleic acid fast-testing products, also enabling Cure Genetics to focus more on product development in gene and cell therapy. Cure Genetics will fully support the development of Genevide and strive to achieve a win-win situation.”

About Genevide

Genevide is a biotechnology company focused on the innovation and industrialization of on-site real-time nucleic acid detection technology. With the mission of "Molecular Tests at Your Fingertips" and a novel molecular enzyme cycle screening platform, Genevide has developed a molecular diagnostic technology platform, which enables the development of fast, accurate, simple, portable, and affordable real-time tests to solve the problem of nucleic acid detection reaching the "last mile" in the prevention and control of major epidemics. The company has a full chain of R&D and production capacity from enzyme raw materials, enzyme systems to reagents and instruments.